When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

Like most things in life, putting your house on the market is all about timing. It might seem like there is no perfect time, and finding a buyer is all up to chance. However, real estate requires a level of planned precision, which includes finding the best time to sell your Santa Barbara home. This is where expert realtors such as Stephen MacFarlane can step in to offer a comprehensive guide on timing the sale of your Santa Barbara home. 

Best time of year to sell a house nationwide

According to sources like Forbes Home, springtime is the best time to put a home on the market. National Association of Realtors is even more specific, stating that the best time to sell a home begins in mid-April, hitting its peak in June before tapering off at the end of August. According to research by the National Association of Realtors following the sales activity and prices over a 20-year period, the four-month period between May through August accounts for 40% of the annual sales, accumulating in the ballpark of 2.1 million. With statistics such as this, it is obvious there is a seasonality in the housing market.

This seasonality overlaps heavily with the lives of buyers. The school year is winding down or has ended, leaving families free to look for new houses in another neighborhood, allowing them to find a home and settle in before kids start the academic year in a new school. In addition, this is the time of year when individuals are finally shaking off the winter blues of bad weather and early sunsets. The good weather and longer days encourage buyers to visit more potential homes.

On an aesthetic level, this is also when homes look their best. In the case of individual homes, most are surrounded by a green lawn and lush trees during the spring and summer, presenting a gorgeous image of the home. Displaying the home during beautiful weather does wonders for curb appeal. Catching the wave of the right season is crucial in getting a sale.

Best time to sell a house in your area

So we’ve learned spring and summer are the best times to sell your home, but are there exceptions? Yes and no. The area can have a minor impact on sales regarding the best season to place your home on the market. Santa Barbara is one of sunny California's most sophisticated and sought-after communities. Therefore, winter birds looking to escape the chill and feel the flush of spring would flock to the west coast for better weather and a permanent home. However, numerous studies show that even Santa Barbara real estate abides by the seasonal sale cycle. Here is an insider detail: placing your home on the market in early May is ideal. In this way, sellers can beat the mid-June buyers' frenzy rush and allow more offers. 

How to know if it’s the right time for you

The benefit of working with an experienced real estate agent is consulting with them on what time works best for you. Though it is helpful to have market insights, at the end of the day, this is your home and your life. Take into account the proper timing for you and your specific circumstances. So if you are hesitant to abide by the seasonal sale cycle, here are other aspects that might determine if it is the right time.

Your lifestyle demands a move

Maybe you cannot wait for mid-May or the summertime to place your house on the market. A new job could have a specific start date, school terms might prevent moving, a personal life change could have arisen demanding a change of location, or maybe you just cannot wait to make a fresh start. These are all crucial factors to consider. If the timing is right for you, lean in and be realistic regarding the new phases of life dictating the choice for a move.

Home improvements are complete

There is great satisfaction in finishing a major project that improves the value of the home, however, in the time it took to complete the project, personal situations can change. Renovations on a room could make the property better. Still, if your family has grown or shrunk during that time, such as a new baby, a family member moving out, or a child going to college, the new space may not be conducive to your new season of life.

It may seem like a waste to pour time, effort, and money into an improvement you, as the original owner, may not be able to enjoy. However, in the larger context, it works to your advantage. Home improvements increase the value of the home and act as a way to pay it forward to new owners.

You’re financially ready

Sometimes, the best determinant of timing is a financial push. Whether entering into an empty nester phase of your life and living in a large house is no longer logical, or you have worked with a real estate agent over time and determined your finances are in the ideal place to purchase your dream property, both are equal motivators. The aspect of personal finances can also be defined by the desire to downsize. No matter the reason, if you do not want to bear the financial responsibility of city parking rates, HOA or landscaping fees, or some other cost, it might be best to look for a new home more aligned with your desired financial plan.

The bottom line

When considering the best time to sell a house, consistent data shows springtime and early summer to be the ideal time to place your home on the market. Even with this research as a guide, it helps to consider other factors such as the best time for your area and personal motivators such as moving into a new lifestyle, completing home renovations, and financial matters.

An experienced agent such as Stephen MacFarlane makes the process easy, with insider knowledge providing a vital edge in the seller’s market. With his skill at determining market conditions and endless testimonials, Stephen has proven himself to be an ideal partner in the process. If you want to begin the process of putting your Santa Barbara home on the market, call Stephen McFarlane to get started today!

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